Warframe Builder is one of the best technique to damage your enemies. If you really want to build your warframe but you did not know how to build, so you are in right place. I tell you how to build warframe and make a stronger player. Similarly, there are about 35 wareframe and 500 different mod so it is difficult for me to tell all of above so I tell you some of these.

To save your time and effort we are collected top 5 warfarme so note then how to build warfarme.

Nidus Warframe build

Atlas Warframe build

Oberon Warframe build

Excalibur Warframe builder

Loki Warframe build

Ivara Warframe build

Inaros Warframe builder

Nidus Warframe

warframe builder

It is most powerful Warframe abilities to control the crowd and one of the best ability is dealing some part of damage with their setup. This Warframe builder also helps your team and gives us heal power and reduce the damaged part. Most massive Warframe ever and it will support your team.

Nidus Abilities

There are following Nidus warframe abilities which can make yo u stronger and powerful.

Adaptive Mutation

In nidus, you can easily regain your health and become invulnerable for five seconds if your health is 0 and consume 15 Mutation stacks.


Due to warframe builder, it can destroy your enemies with virulence mutation Stacks are increased. He has the ability to gain 100 of the Mutation Stacks and increased by 250 amours. Nidus warframe builder has also gained 10 energy by hitting your enemies.

Nidus Warframe Build Mod

Primed Flow – When you build your wareframe its ability to increase power for energy pool.

Primed Continuity – Nidus warframe has extra ability duration for Ravenous, Parasitic Link, and Larva

Transient Fortitude – gain ability Strength

Intensify – increased more and more Ability Strength

Vitality – power increase for health, which is useful for this Warframe builder as Nidus has no shields and a large base health pool

Rage – regenerate your parts of health damage received into energy, Nidus Rage whose combination of a large health pool and a lack of shields draws the maximum benefit from this mod

Stretch – increased range for Larva

Warframe Zaw Builder

zaw builder

Zaw is most powerful melee weapons, vendor Hok crafted in Cetus. There is three part of warframe Zaw you can easily purchase with Ostron standing. When you combine Grip and Strike it may decide who to created warframe weapon build. When you reached level 30, Zaw warframe builder can be Gilded at Hok for a flat increase in stats.

Zaw Build Mod:

Following are the zaw mod which is helpful to make warframe builder.

Vitality – more health for a fight

Steel Fiber – For survivability more armour

Primed Flow – this build is about constantly using abilities so a bigger energy pool is vital

Hunter Adrenaline – Your health damage is converted into the energy.

Primed Continuity – offsets some of the negative duration effects from Fleeting Expertise and Transient Fortitude so that Petrify still lasts for a decent amount of time

Transient Fortitude – ability to increase your strength to destroy your Enemy that most perfect warframe builder.

Fleeting Expertise – increases ability efficiency so that abilities can be used at less of a cost

Warframe Weapon Builder

warframe builder

In this article, I tell you how to weapons builder warframe use to destroy your enemy. There is 100 plus weapon in warframe. I tell you the most powerful weapons and how to build them.

Now, this is a six or seven for Ma Bell depends on whether or not you have pommel. And we’re warframe builder going to add the 40s up here and two or three dashes down here and the molds are Hornet strike for damage barrelled effusion for multi-shot lethal Torin for an even more multi-shot by and more importantly fire rate because without it there is a very awkward pause between each shot.

Magnum Force Warframe Builder:

warframe builder

Then we have Magnum Force which is the equivalent of heavy caliber for pistols. This that’s even more damage and it decreases the accuracy which actually helps the weapon rather than hurting it.

The multi-shot projectiles will fly off slightly to the side which creates a bigger explosion so you can be even less accurate with the weapon and he will still hit things and that’s pretty good.

So warframe builder definitely worth it. Down here we have our elemental combos and prime needed chart because it does too much damage. Our primary charge is amazing. And finally we have concussion rounds and this is where this belt is either gonna be a sixth form a belt or a 7 for my belt. If you have pommel which is a better version of concussion rounds you can’t fit it in there.

Max Prime Hit

If you have Max prime hit the charge and Magnum Force. So that’s why you have to add another dash. Now the Sonic War is absolutely amazing. It does a ton of damage even though it doesn’t have to do a ton of damage to be a useful weapon because it is something that many other weapons don’t a utility.

Ragdoll Warframe Builder:

The ragdoll effect is simply amazing. It doesn’t matter what the enemy level is you’re still going to rattle them. They can be Level 2 billion or Level 10. Now since you don’t need to do a ton of damage with this weapon for it to be useful you can remove virtually any mod from this belt and replace it with a utility-based mode.

So if you don’t like the long reload time you can slap a reload model into it or if you don’t like warframe builder limited range you can slap a range model into it. Or maybe you don’t like the fire rate. You would like to fire faster. So put a fire rate model into it. It doesn’t matter but because the base damage is so high a max damage build like this one is very potent as well. I mean you’re going to be one shutting things going up to a level sort of 40 50 ish.

And hey if warframe builder doesn’t die they’re ragdoll. So shoot them again. There is absolutely no reason why you should not have this on a car you can buy the blueprint of the market and get the resources within a couple of hours and for that, you’re going to get a weapon that’s really fun to use. It does a ton of damage and has a lot of utility.

Now I should also talk about blast damage because blast damage is really funny with the Sony cord the rag doll from blast damage stacks with the rag doll from the explosion and it creates some really funny situations because you can fire enemies literally miles into the air. But please be careful when you’re doing something like a capture mission because on more than one occasion I fired my capture target into the ceiling and I couldn’t finish the mission. So all in warframe builder all this is probably the best weapon in the game as far as crowd control is concerned. You should definitely get it. And with this build, it also does a ton of bloody damage.

Moreover, there is so many another way for warframe builder. If you want to see click here.

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